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Web Design for Drug RehabAddiction Treatment Centers

As you develop and improve your rehab center’s Internet marketing strategy, it’s important to keep in mind where you direct potential clients. After all, if you’re using SEO, PPC, and social media to reach them, your goal is to attract traffic to your site.

But when a lead arrives on your rehab center’s website, does it make a good first impression? Can visitors find the information they need? As the core of your center’s online presence, your site needs to achieve both of those goals—and many others.

The foundation of an organic and paid online lead generation machine lies in effective website design and development. For the addiction and mental health industry, specialized website designs and content are required to effectively capture interest. In a world where it seems there are almost unlimited solutions for such services, it is critical for recovery operations to engage seasoned experts within the addiction and mental space to implement such platforms. Why? Because averaging down your lead costs can best be accomplished with a strong organic lead generation strategy and that starts with your online properties.

To take advantage this opportunity, an online presence should be all encompassing in order to maximize lead volume. Website design structures should include:

landing pages
review sites
support sites, and the list goes on.

With the advent of state-of-the-art search engine algorithms such as Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, as well as recent Core Quality Updates the opportunity to build an effective organic lead generation machine has never been greater.

 Features To Improve Your Rehab Renter‘s Website

You built or would like to build a website for your addiction treatment center for a purpose. This purpose is to guide your prospects to the right webpage with proper content, with proper information. It should match:

Your treatment programs
Your target patients or people who seeking treatment for their loves ones
Your expectation of leads

If any of the three misses, it is for sure that people would ‘bounce’. To prevent such bounce, how you present important links to your rehabilitation center website holds the key to conversion. Importance of website navigation lies how consistent the number of clicks is before a user reach to the information-to-inquiry stage. Further, if the duration of visits is increased, thanks to clean navigation bar from home page to treatment programs and ultimately to contact us page, it is going to boost sessions resulting to decreased bounce rate = better SEO rankings.

Mobile searches have outsmarted searches done via computer. Today, more than 58% of Americans using smartphone for using the web, importance of responsive website design is in sync with increases mobile visitors.

With responsive sites, Google also suggests that it should match multiple devices sizes. This is a paradigm shift from the days when people used to have two versions of a website. Now, with responsive design of your rehab website, you have higher chances of get more admissions as it would automatically adjust the website with a user’s mobile screen. Not to forget the following advantages of a responsive rehab website design:

Optimal website experiences
Positive impression of your rehab center, as a brand
Return visitors
Higher conversion rate
Easiest medium to generate calls for your rehab center

What is original content and why does it matter to your rehab center has direct connect with Google’s mission of useful information. Here, useful information should be seen in terms of no-duplicate content. If you have original content on your rehab center website, Google would consider you as:

A professional view to look at a treatment program or problem revolving around it.
High-quality, original and focused content help your patients in taking decisions.
Be it calls for your call center or guiding traffic to read more about their addiction issues, authentic content always helps in directional cues.

Further, if we see original content in the context of rehab center marketing, the organic SEO world rewards those treatment centers which write more original content. People would find your website, naturally, and you would have better chance of getting more phone calls.

Importance of a strong and lead-generating rehab website lies in how much importance you give to your website structure. Whenever we talk about a website structure best practices, it relates to the planning of website’s hierarchy and link structure.
You name any an SEO optimized addiction treatment center website, one thing is for sure that it paves way for:

Creation of cohesive user journeys for great user experience.
Better crawling and higher chances to attracting traffic
Good technical structure of your website helps in link building.
Fastest possible way of getting information about the rehab center, treatment programs it offers, insurance, admission process and locations etc.
You show off the best content in your rehab website (that’s how you make Google love your website).
Focus on your website primary purpose with ease of navigation.

We make sure that we create site navigation in HTML or CSS (as maximum as possible) as Ajax or JavaScript are not Google’s favourites.

If real factors of a rehab center website’s aesthetics, original and real photos of your treatment facility have an edge. Addition of high-quality images to your rehab website, it presents professional element. Why original images are important in an addiction treatment center website design has an important observation also. Most of the websites of mental health treatment centers, drug and alcohol treatment center or any behavioral issues treatment center would prefer professional imagery. Why? Because it helps them in

Knowing your rehab staff and helps in connection before they call you for treatment help.
Real photos your treatment facility helps in better envision and patients find it comfortable.
To stand out (as thousands of other websites have same generic images).
Helps in emotional connect.
Original visual content helps in in your marketing strategy.

We build build secure and HIPAA-compliant rehab website. Besides, we also upgrade your existing rehab website to https i.e. an SSL certificate. With this, the lead generation ecosystem on your website is safe and secure. Also, it helps user to understand that the information is secure for the duration of their session. In the final analysis, our rehab website design is best in HIPAA-compliant website development.

If users are not clicking, there is an issue. While a first step would be to check your user data and social data to identify how your calls to action are performing and which landing pages need the most attention, there are 4 core considerations for every call to action button: 1) Text: Is your call to action clear? Does it create a sense of urgency? Is it short and to the point? Does it communicate value? 2) Placement: Is your call to action above the fold? Is it in a logical place where users would most likely take action? 3) Size: Is your button easy to find? Is it too big that is has become a distraction? Is it easily identifiable as a CTA button? Is it sized appropriately for mobile? 4) Color: Does your button visually stand out from the rest of the page? Is there enough white space surrounding it? Have you tested which colors provide you with the most clicks? Adjusting these four elements can have a significant impact on landing page results, clicks, and conversions.

For a New or Improved Website that can Become a Conversion Machine, Talk to the Experienced Addiction Treatment Marketers at America in Rehab

Website Redesign Challenges:

Missing strategy – Does your rehab website do justice with the treatment programs page for the prospects? What’s the relation of every page with respect to ‘want’ of a patient? It’s absolutely necessary to be 100% sure about the objective, do’s and dont’s, user behavior and motivations for clients & lead generation aspect. Of any of these is missing, you are losing patients to your rivals for sure.

Dated design:  First impression is the last impression. If your website doesn’t look modern and up-to-date, your sales team has to shake the mountains to convert the lead (that too when the website has capability to generate lead).

Ugly– The color, layout and content presentation. If the 3 are not in sync, be ready to lose daily inquiries, thanks to the bad design.

Not mobile-friendly–  As of January 2018, 95 percent of the mobile search market in the United States is of Google’s. In this, 56% is of mobile users, you wont like your website to lose their attraction.

Content- Every single line or paragraph could be a game changer for lead generation ecosystem.  If the content of the website doesn’t pave way for directional cues and CTAs,  your brand and vision of lead-generating website is to go for a toss.

1. Evaluation

Evaluation and expected goals from your treatment center website needs to be beyond – I don’t like layout or colors. We map every single goal of every single page with treatment programs you offer. Is your rehab a detox facility, mental health treatment center or women-only facility? We map every scope of quality leads scope with lead generation ecosystem through calls, form fills or chat support.

2. Design Approval

Getting your feedback on our evaluation outcomes, our website design team starts to work. With years of experience in drug treatment industry, we send you the mock-up for your approval. This is important to be on the same page, as far as approval or revisions of design(s) is concerned.

3. Welcome your new website

Once we have the go-ahead, code and development start. It is a matter of 7-10 days and we show every progress on a staging server, so that you know everything is in place. Once the final stage is reached, we deploy the new website on your server and you get our assistance in everything you want to know about the elements of the new website.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile Site Boosted Sales By 50%

User-Experience Optimization

By offering an engaging online environment for your potential patients, you’ll be able to utilize your website to its fullest potential. Bringing people to your site is one thing, keeping them coming back is another.

SEO-Based Web Design

From start to finish we design your website based on innovative search engine optimization techniques from the ground up.

For Your Target Audience

It’s not just about knowing your target audience, it’s also about being your target audience. Developing a website based around their needs is exactly how we blend quality with quantity.

YourTreatment Center Website Design comes with Supplements like:

Free mock-ups, no commitment

Free logo design with revisions

Research And Copywriting Included


Usability and Competition Analysis

Cross Browser and Platform Testing

Installation & Setup

Our Rehab Website Design Process

Understanding Your Facility

We, at first, learn about your addiction treatment center services. Are you a single gender facility? Do you offer detox services? We ask such questions to map your preference with getting leads from your rehab website. We then want your feedback - likes, dislikes, and everything in between to ensure we build you exactly what you want. 

Rehab Website Design

We send design mock-ups and settle on some initial design drafts for your website and choose one concept.

Code Development

To make the content, information architecture, visual design all work and function together.

Code Deployment

Our team of experts are always available for any updates you may need.

Want to try our rehab website design expertise?

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1. Intro Call (10-20 min)

After you submit the form below, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. This would also be to schedule our 1st call with you to know about goals of your website, key requirements & a realistic deadline.

2. A Questionnaire (1-2 Hrs.)

A questionnaire, after the call, will help us in getting the exact sense of what you expecting from the website. Reference website(s), sections, colors, fonts, visual and textual elements etc. will be part of this questionnaire.

3. Custom proposal (1 day)

We’ll send you a proposal, comprising of detailed steps,features, a timeline and pricing.

4. Get design mock-up (3-5 days)

Time to see design mockups of your treatment facility website. Right from the custom home page design to treatment programs, insurance page to any other other page of your choice).

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