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Addiction Treatment Center Consulting Services

For Rehab Center Growth Initiatives

Rehab center is not a restaurant where profits would flow in by the inflow of uninvited people who want to get served.

But going by the mental health and substance abuse statistics in the US, the entrepreneurial model of addiction and mental health treatment centers and behavioral health organizations looks to be profitable.  Then happened the year of 2017 when 9 M sign ups on insurances despite the tussle between the Affordable Care Act i.e. ACA (also known as Obamacare) and Trump, in the historical Health Care Freedom Act in the same year.

So, has the business plan optimized productivity for profit margins? Does your facility possess all operational segments of your treatment center? Or do you see a marketing-oriented synergy between operations, VOBs, Clinical, and of course, admissions ecosystem?

There are many challenges when it comes to successful and smooth functioning of “moving parts” of an addiction treatment center. How we know? The answer lies in our 30+ years of experience in addiction recovery consulting wherein we have been providing treatment center consultation services to addiction treatment facilities, treatment networks, and marketing campaigns. But our recovery consulting is not one size fits all. We know every treatment center has its own USP and that is why our all-inclusive addiction treatment facility consulting addresses the specific needs of each rehab.



Our Treatment Center Consultancy Audience

Drug Rehab Centers

Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Counselors and Clinicians


Behavioral Health Organizations


Only Full-Service Addiction Center Consulting You’ll Ever Need

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Rehab Marketing Consulting

It starts with effective rehab marketing. And Rehab marketing should reflect your online presence.  How to get it done? We cover it all with our rehab full-service rehab marketing strategy, which comprises of:

Website design + development
Branding and Brand Strategy
SEO and SEM Campaigns
Content Marketing
Social Media Management


Insurance Consulting

Our expert consulting on insurance verification and benefit payout hallmarks our expertise of clients insurance policy.  Our robust understanding of daily payable rate saves revenue-generating system from any dent. Because we have 20+ years of combined experience of working with a broad range of health insurance providers, we understand every level of care, IE, Detox, Residential, PHP, and IOP, as far as in network and out-of-network insurance providers are concerned.

Rehab Admissions Coordinating

We can be your best friends with admission intake process (Initial Phone Call to Entrance into the Addiction Treatment Program). Also, as responsible rehab consultants, we make sure there is no admission leakage fromCall Center admissions

Drug Rehab Referral
Drug Rehab Website Admission
Keyword Admissions
Drug Rehab Employee
Drug Rehab PPC etc.

Rehab Staffing

Staff your rehab is the face value your professionalism. If you do not have right rehab staff ,your hard earned prospects would go up in smoke. We, with our years of experience of working with top talent in the drug and rehab industry, know how to differentiate between a result-oriented talent from the stack of over-weighed resume. We not just create hiring guidelines but also conduct staff training sessions. Our top to bottom full training from scratch have been our USP of staffing for treatment centers.

Discuss right people for your staffing needs.


Utilization Review Management

Our expert Utilization Management team knows inside out of Pre-certification/Pre-authorization Review. We maximize cost containment and streamline UR process to obtaining payment. We understand and assess necessity and care levels. As you outsource utilization review and management to us:

Assess necessity and care levels.
We conduct peer reviews of physician recommendations, as necessary
Your treatment center’s intake/admissions team can focus on a patient’s case prior to and upon intake.
Once intake happens, you get best argument for each and every client.
Get our dedicated UR professionals in discharge planning and follow Up

Call Center Training + Consulting

Improve your rehab call center’s efficiency with our expertise in addiction treatment center call center training and consulting. Get expert training in how to:

Tracking every single call which lands on your centerthe calls that come in
Manage and coordinate the funnel with admissions staff
Call tracking and call scoring

With our on-going call center training, we sew up all the holes in your facility’s call center. Your call center reps get insightful training about art of building rapport with the caller and ends up getting all information which help the lead turn into admission, ultimately.

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