Awareness is directly proportional to an addiction treatment center’s census. This has been the driving force of an effective addiction treatment center strategies. In 2018, online marketing of a rehab center has more weight behind lead generation, thanks to diverse internet marketing channels for an addiction treatment facility.
Also, important is to understand the impact of word-of-mouth referrals which directly makes your rehab center’s brand. Because drug rehab space
Marketing your rehab website on the Web, say Google, is all about how impressive you on a search engine are. Being trustworthy and experienced addiction treatment center consultants, we know how the traditional approach of relationships between treatment professionals and patients who depend on word-of-mouth recommendations have been playing its role. In 2018, if we think of marketing a rehab center, same has metamorphosed into an online platform. Every addiction treatment center we work with, we notice a growing urge of increasing lead generation through digital marketing campaigns.
Why? Drug treatment and rehab center operations understand the cost per admission and they want to have an edge over rival rehab centers whose sales and admission ecosystem mostly depends on buying 3rd party calls.
Now, the question arises how to market an addiction treatment center?
Remember we talked about getting impressions? This of course goes beyond saying This could be your starting point to marketing your addiction treatment facility. In today’s time, there are bevy of online marketing channels to choose from. But it’s extremely important to understand that every online marketing channel has its own elements.

Let’s see some of the effective ways of marketing a rehab center:
Embrace SEO (Organic) Rankings
Drug rehab SEO is one of the most trustworthy marketing strategies to market a treatment facility. Why? Google is the first step a patient heads to search an addiction treatment center. And if your website shows up keywords like:
Alcohol addiction treatment center + your location or women’s only mental health treatment cnter in Texas, your treatment facility is all set to get the best mileage of search engine optimization of your website on Google.
How we help? Our SEO campaigns target the keywords which matter to your treatment programs and map them with areas where your facility is located at. With our rich experience in drug rehab SEO and addiction treatment center consultancy, we are advocate of white hat SEO in terms of on page SEO, off page SEO methods with special focus on link building through writing content around your treatment center and programs.

PPC Campaigns:
With paid search campaigns for your rehab facilities, you get opportunity to show your ads on Google and generate leads in no time. Pay per clicks campaigns are instant unlike rehab SEO which might take months to be on the 1st page of Google.
As we are Google certified PPC experts, you would best of ROI on clicks which could be between $15 per click (for mental health keywords) to $50 per click for drug/alcohol treatment keywords. So, it makes one point very clear-budget which should have breathing space for your rehab keywords.
Moreover, we have worked for locations like California, Texas, Florida, Utah, Arizona and Chicago etc., we have fair amount of experience of which keywords might convert for your addiction treatment facility. Also, we can get you:
• Targeted campaigns with keywords + budget estimate which might work for your facility
• Tight handshake between ad groups and keywords, resulting in high quality score of keywords
• Landing page creation for your campaigns
• Despite working on robust PPC tools, we prefer manual optimization, as needed
• Detailed reporting

Buying 3rd party calls for rehab
The third option to get marketing done for your rehab center is through buying 3rd party calls. If invested properly, this investment could set your call center phone ringing.

How we help? We are expert in call center management and training of a rehab center. We can be instrumental in:
Training representatives for efficient call handling
Proper call tracking for relevant metrics
Setting up call center & much more.

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