Drug Rehab SEO – Admissions-Oriented Rehab Marketing

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Drug Rehab SEO for long-term secured marketing

Drug Rehab SEO is one of the most secured alcohol & drug rehab marketing strategies. SEO marketing plan rides high on the addiction treatment statistics in the US. Around 90% of 20 million people, either fighting alcoholism and facing drug addiction issues. Moreover, when you get to know that 86% of patients use Google to search for addiction treatment programs, before scheduling appointments, your addiction treatment center marketing strategy knows where to market your rehab, for financial growth.

If you succeed in keeping your addiction treatment center visible to millions to patients/prospects, on Google, whose first step towards getting an addiction treatment program starts with a search. Moreover, getting organic ranking is for sure is a secured approach to market your treatment facility in terms of:

  • Increase your rehab center’s reach to maximum possible people
  • Garner more interest in your addiction treatment programs Generate more interest
  • Getting more inquiries about getting treatment
  • Finally, getting leads into ROI-oriented admissions

Further, 3 things are important when it comes to search engine optimization your rehab website. With smart SEO strategies of marketing, you might get:

  1. Higher leads-to-patient conversion rate.
  2. Lesser cost per admit.
  3. Constant investment for result oriented rehab census.

Everything which has been discussed in the above-mentioned paragraph looks so fine and usual. But the truth is our addiction treatment industry is fiercely competitive. With so many treatment facilities working day and night to show up on same keyword which you also want to rank for, your website has to be built on ethical SEO guidelines as well as emit right SEO signals.

Also, as recovery consultants, we have seen many addiction treatment centers, mental health facilities, and drug rehabs which are so much into implementation (which is fine from operations point of view) that they totally ignore the power of effective rehab SEO marketing strategy. When rehab industry has less than 2% of conversion rate (owing to revenue-affecting points like delayed Verification of benefits confirmation and insurance companies leaving no stone un-turned in mitigation of claims etc.), it is ever-important to reach out to those researching addiction treatment options, as well as converting them.

So, why is Rehab SEO important?

The question why does a rehab center need marketing finds a trustworthy ROI in SEO when  landscape of marketing is changing. Traditional marketing techniques like TV, Radio etc are extremely costly. Thousands of dollars are spent in order to get effective mileage from the investment but reach of these TV or radio ads is quite generic. It means that such ads are for everyone and not directed or targeted. Moreover, patient inquires coming from such ads are, at times, far away from your brand.

Moreover , do TV and radio commercials really work for small-size drug rehab centers? Even for the bigger addiction treatment facilities, acceptable cost per acquisition per admission is a concern which can not be ignored. Reason is simple. The reach is too generic and is not targeted. It becomes tough to fathom if a person who is looking for an alcohol addiction treatment center in his local area would for sure get into contact of TV or radio advertisement.

with these right SEO signals to Google, you would be successful in getting patients, despite their tendency of browsing or going through two to three other treatment facilities websites before they say Yes to your mental health treatment center or alcohol and drug treatment center.

But the thing is Google itself. Google SEO algorithms keep updating and to show up on organic listings of SERP (search engine result page), your treatment center marketing has to have SEO techniques to increase your traffic and get more patients.

But if we change gears and embrace online marketing of Rehab, which SEO strategy of your rehabilitation center has an influential share, leads coming from internet are much relevant and admission-friendly which can help grow your rehab census.

Because when we talk about SEO strategy of a rehabilitation center, it is not a theoretical concept. Drug Rehab SEO is the set of ethical SEO steps to which we can pursue to match your Rehab website with SEO guidelines suggested by Google (or any other search engine).

Is Rehab SEO a safer bet than other marketing channels?

The real purpose of rehab SEO could be any of the following:
1. Getting inquiries about treatment programs– An ideal example could be someone searching for

  • Detox center for women in California or
  • Best drug rehab in Los Angeles

So, if your website does not show on such treatment-seeking search terms you are missing on huge number of admission opportunities, on a daily basis.

Although reality is that our drug and rehab industry is filled with directory-like websites, yet people head to search engine to look for resolutions, which are tailor to them.

  1. Rehab SEO is always cost-effective that Paid Campaigns for Rehab
    Although, you can buy traffic for rehab leads through PPC but if you have a myopic vision, SEO is always affordable than PPC campaigns for addiction treatment facilities. Why? Because PPC campaigns are like switches. As long as you paying for clicks, you have a chance of getting leads, but the moment you stop it your call center would stop responding. SEO, in contrast, is a long-term investment which not just helps you with high-intent leads but also is a better marketing investment.

3-It enhances your brand and authority – A successful SEO campaign for a rehab center not just helps in building a successful brand, it also lays stone of your website as an authority. Authority of a website is an important factor. For example, if you are a mental health treatment center in LA area and have 5 backlinks from a mental health news blog. Similarly, your competitor rehab has same mental health treatment programs in LA but has 7 backlinks from a high authority mental health blog. So, the rival rehab center defeats you and you won’t have more chances to secure high rankings.

Interestingly, Google doesn’t count this conventional approach every time. Quality of the backlink always have an edge over number of backlinks your site has. If you have 5 top class relevant backlinks from addiction treatment industry web properties, you have much more value than a site which has 20 backlinks from say, real estate backlinks.

So, with the right balance of number and quality of backlinks, your website will be in a much better position in terms of authority. Result? High rankings as your rehab website will be seen as a new authoritative source in the rehab industry.

4- Better rehab website structure and SEO
Although not into SEO ranking list, but user experience on your rehab website also has immense role in getting more likely to rank highly in search engines. This has direct connection with bounce rate on your website i.e. people landing on the site and leaves your site right from the very first page they land on. Google’s value the bounce rate and how people behave on your website. If your site is offering a better navigation, directional cues, good call-to-actions and a high-quality content etc., there is no problem your website would be liked by patients. This will lead to high engagement and low bounce rate which will, ultimately help Google give you higher visibility and credibility online.

All things said, how we benefit your Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for SEO?

First things first. Our proven addiction treatment SEO strategies for drug rehab centers lies in a simple statement- We employ ethical SEO and best practices to rank relevant rehab keywords on Google to provide value in those who need treatment.

What makes our Rehab SEO strategy different from others?
At first, let’s know who we are. One distinction at the Right Rehab marketing is our knowledge in drug rehab industry. Our team comprises not just treatment center consultants, which help us in knowing about jargons, real issues with people etc, but also people who know how to do SEO effectively? The team has seen various Google algorithm updates since Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird etc.
Secondly, our industry is an industry of trust and exchange. While we keep working on your website and leave no stone unturned to rank your keywords, you have world’s time to do what you are best at. Treatment of patients and securing their lives. And now it’s time to know about our SEO strategy

Our belief in rehab SEO strategy lies in the intent to help generate organic leads to your addiction treatment center. How we do so? At first, we assess your website and the target area. Secondly, with content-oriented and data driven SEO plan, we keep working on building backlinks and authority.

NB- Results might take 6 to 10 months in case your rehab website hasn’t been marketed online in the past or utilizing ethical SEO practices.







Define Target Audience and Needs

The very first step before search engine optimization or your treatment facility is the right research. Effectively done it could become a magic wand when SEO efforts are to scale. So, we spend some time to know:

  • defined set of people, who need treatment programs your facility offers
  • pain point of patients
  • location advantage as well as disadvantage of your drug rehab center.
  • competition from other rehab centers in your targeted area
  • What your prospects browse online to find treatment
  • Demographic (age, sex, locations etc.) details etc.

2- Keyword research

This is the time where we group keywords in order to prioritize content-based SEO approach and map them with the treatment needs and pain points of our target patient(s). We start with:

achievable keywords to start getting traffic and links
Once seeing some traction, we start building trust with content-based strategy to rank for more and more long tail keywords.

Now, we group keywords as per:

  • persona types and their needs
  • topics related to questions regarding treatment and your rehab site navigation
  • With right research and expansion, we keep working on more keywords as per intent, keyword search and volume.

3- Competitors SEO Analysis

This is where we perform extensive SEO analysis of rival rehab centers, active in your area. By targeting 2 to 5 competitors for each treatment program, we analyse the competitive landscape to

  • Track on page and off page SEO features and comparison
  • Social media presence
  • Content and landing pages on rehab keywords
  • Uncover SWOT, gaps and opportunities
  • Content and backlinks planning, which will pave way to
    effective SEO strategy for your rehab center

4- Custom Rehab SEO Strategy

Our rehab seo marketing plan as a marketing strategy for your treatment facility revolves around

  1. Content (by creating fresh and quality content)
  2. Inbound links (getting new backlinks)
  3. User experience (More visits through low bounce rate on website)

An idea could be drawn from our SEO strategy which has:

  • Website user experience design
  • Targeted keyword strategy
  • Website content optimization
  • Local rehab SEO
  • Local Maps optimization
  • Content marketing outreach
  • Domain and user trust
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead generation and nurturing

Alcohol And Drug Rehab SEO – How We Help

Firstly, who are we. We are a full-service alcohol and drug rehab marketing agency for the success of right rehab marketing. Aptly named, we, thanks to our combined experience of 37 years in mental health and addiction treatment, understand the demand of increasing census as well as pitfalls which throw rehab marketing strategies against the wall. Offering a number of marketing and admissions solutions for addiction treatment centers as well as or start-up centers. As we offer addiction treatment consulting, we know what it takes for a successful recovery marketing.

Custom Fit Marketing Solutions For Rehab Centers

Search engine optimization is a process which encompasses many things. As we are professional SEO consultants who have been working on different rehab websites (we sign NDA), we know the complications of websites that fail to show on Google first page. And we know what is takes to build a link-building campaign, URL structure, get press coverage for your rehab center, various off page steps etc. As we start SEO audit of your website, here are the things which perform:

1. On Page SEO

SEO starts with keywords. So, we discuss the keywords you want to rank on, its realistic competition on the web and other factors which decide involvement of time.

  • Build or redesign website
  • Matches yous custom treatment marketing campaigns
  • Opens in all devices (mobile, desktops and tabs)
  • Produces opportunities to fill beds
  • Website to match user path to lead

Off Page SEO

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